Don's Brass and Copper  Polishing

Donald Davidson has been  polishing metals and repairing decorative metal objects for over 39 years. All
polishing buffing and repairs are done at our facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts, by Donald and
experienced polishers who are trained in the use of polishing materials on custom pieces and antiques
made of brass or copper.

    Items are polished to a mirror finish or satin finish. Other services include the
    polishing or removal of engravings on most sterling silver items.

    A few of the many items that we polish include:

    . Antique Brass Beds    . Fireplace Accessories      . Church Goods    
    . Nautical Fixtures         . Lighting                                . Chandeliers
39 Years of specialized  
experience in the
restoration and
refinishing of Antique
Fireplace Accessories
Servicing Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire
For more information call (617) 909-8005 or (617) 909 4111